Wednesday, October 18, 2006

19 Oct 06

Well Caleb has discovered the television. He really enjoys watching the Saints, college football and even the cheerleaders...seriously

The little one is talking up a storm now and Will has fun making up conversations with him. Usually they are commenting on Mom and agreeing that she should change diapers because he likes the way she does it

His neck muscles are much stronger so we continue to be impressed at how long he holds his head up when on our chests.

Will and Teresa are getting more sleep and having company over about twice a week so things are more normal now than they have been. It's so nice to have the house clean, even if it's a last minute rush to pickup before guests arrive

Watch Caleb talk!

Monday, October 02, 2006

2 months

All is well here. Caleb is now 14 lbs and 25" long. He is sleeping sooo much more (up to 6 hours straight at night) so Teresa and I are much appreciative. He is also "oooing" and "aahhing" a lot more now so we have some great conversations together. Mom enjoys catching up on sleep when she's not cooking, going to the gym or taking care of baby and Dad likes playing golf when he's not working or doing stuff around the house. We get some time away every now and then thanks to our friends who enjoy babysitting so much! Still waiting on our next assignment, we'll be sure to let ya know --The Sages