Saturday, December 30, 2006

Feliz Ano Nuevo! Happy 2007!

Thanksgiving was wonderful...the Colts of Bayview (30 and unders) defended their title in the annual Turkey Bowl. Later in the afternoon, Becky outdid herself and we enjoyed a wonderful feast with the Hedums and Batemans (We even got a little bit of Madden in there as well as a couple Friends episodes)

December was a busy month mostly due to corrective eye surgery in Hawaii (traveling via hops to and fro, finding a place to stay and lots of driving in Honolulu was enough for me to appreciate the laid back life here in Guam) It was great to spend time with "Mamita" and witness many of Caleb's firsts over a short amount of time (i.e. first airplane ride, grabbing objects, rubbing his eyes when tired, putting his thumb in his mouth, many smiles and laughing, etc.) Will's eyes are now great. He was seeing 20/200 in both eyes and is now experiencing the wonderful worl of 20/14 vision! Praise to the King for his provision!

Christmas was great. We received some great giftsand Caleb seemed enjoy ripping up the paper. It was a warm 83 degrees out here, so our dreams for a White Christmas were not long lived.

What a year for the Black and Gold! Even though we didn't make it to da Super Bowl, Saints fans in the Pacific were having a blast. (especially when it came down to whoopin those Dirty Birds twice and beating up on the 49ers) I told little man not to get so excited though, cuz they'll let you down in a heartbeat