Saturday, February 07, 2009

We headed down to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo this past Thursday for some family time. Here are some pics...

They have a great Giraffe exhibit where you can feed the animals. Caleb was a bit scared of the strange black tongues, so he just watched mom do it.

One of our favorites was this "big kitty cat", as Caleb called it. When the tiger saw me standing at the window, he came right down to greet us. Caleb was standing on this ledge, when he put his front paws up. Caleb freaked a little bit, but the view was amazing!

We also had a fun visit with two friendly bears, and some comedic Gorillas.

All these great animals, and still Caleb's favorite activity was the merry-go-round with Dad!
In other news, Caleb used the potty for the first time today! He told me in plenty of time to run to the bathroom. We celebrated with a cookie, and we are going for some ice cream when Dad gets home. Bye Bye Diapers!