Saturday, June 27, 2009

Missing Europe!

Well we recently got all of the files from my old laptop switched onto our desktop. This gave me access to some pictures that I haven't seen in almost two years. I was looking back through all the fun times we had in Europe and became a little homesick (again). So I wanted to post a few, and,well, that turned into wanting to post a lot. Hope you don't mind!

The entrance to my little town, Dudeldorf

View of Dudeldorf from the distance

Dudeldorf in fall

Berg Dudeldorf

Will and I outside of the Louvre

Paris at night

Notre Dame
Where Will ask me to marry him

Dinner in Paris the night we got engaged

On a service project in Slovakia

The school we worked with in Slovakia

Service project in the Czech Republic. We built the playground we are swinging on.

The Bitburg crew in the Czech Republic

Our good friends, John and Shannon, outside of our favorite restaurant, Torshanke.

Will and I on my birthday one year

In Malta, this is the site where Paul shipwrecked and got bitten by snake in Acts


Will and I in London

Londi and I in Cambridge while Will "Punts" us down the river

On the beach at summer camp with Middle schoolers

Beautiful view in Cinque Terra, Italy

Jordan and I in Pisa

more summer camp
Family vacation in France when we ran into Rick Steves.

The view from Berg Cochem

On the lake in Daun, Germany with Will's sister, brother-in-law, and friend

Big Ben at night

With friends in front of Buckingham Palace

Friday, June 05, 2009

Will and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday. We laid low this year by getting a couples massage, catching a movie, and meeting up with friends for dinner. I went back through our wedding pics, and decided to post a few in remembrance. During the second line at the reception

Leaving the church