Thursday, May 10, 2007

April Showers and May Flowers

Things are coming to an end here in Guam for the Sage family. Teresa and Caleb will leave the island in less than 2 weeks for a friend's wedding in Kansas City, then visit family and friends in St. Louis before heading to Georgia. Will still has about a month before departing Guam, but is sure time will fly by with all the golf he'll be playing. Looking forward to seeing friends and family back in KC, STL, and NO!

Caleb is growing and becoming not so easy to pick up any more (the grunts are becoming louder and more frequent) He's soon to be crawling ("Any day now" is what we've been saying for the last 2 weeks) and he grabs anything within reach. Fun little guy

Onward Beach Resort for Will's BDay: Caleb had a good time splashing around in the water and even more fun on the body board. He didn't, however, enjoy the chlorine in his eyes. The strawberry dacquiri (virgin) left a sour taste in his mouth so his tongue pretty much hung out all day long. Teresa enjoyed the many laps around the lazy river, and Will went down waterslides with Marco (since Mama was a little scared) so everyone had a good time

Sure am gonna miss my co-workers. Tom and Frenchie have been good buddies and we've shared a lot of laughs and push-ups together. Gonna miss ole' Bouie, Robertson, Nario and the rest of the gang as well. "The next exercise is....position of exercise.....THOUSAND...."

Caleb has begun to feed himself. A welcome break by
his parents. Although most of the food does not end up in his mouth, it's a starting point.

My co-workers and I spent a day touring the WW2 sites here on Guam and visited some great places with rich history. The PITI gun shown here was used to fire on American troops landing on the beaches. The Japanese forced the Chamorro's into labor by having them haul the iron to build the guns and the stones that form the steps. It's no easy hike as it is, I couldn't imagine hiking with 50+ lbs multiple times

While the beach didn't look as great back then, it's a gorgeous site today. Thousands of American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen gave their lives for the liberation Guam.

A preview of Will's hobbies to come so for all my friends's around the world (and esp. those in N.O. who haven't visited me yet) come on over, you have a place to stay. Teresa's friends, you're welcome too :) See you all in the states very soon!