Friday, January 23, 2009

Teresa's Two-cents

Okay, I will admit that I have encouraged Will to update our blog, but have stopped short of actually doing it myself. My bad. I love the idea of a blog… getting to share more of what is going on in our lives than Facebook or Myspace allows. So, I too will try my best to keep this updated.

Where to start?!? Will gave you a little update in the previous post about our time in Colorado Springs. To say that we have enjoyed ourselves here is an understatement. I really love this place. I cannot believe the number of old friends we have been able to catch up with because of our location. The Navigators, Young Life, and MCYM all have their head quarters here in town, and the Air Force Academy is in the same sports conference as TCU. While I have only had the chance to see my Horned Frogs in action once (and we lost horribly), I am looking forward to next fall’s football season.

As I was saying before, we really enjoy living here. A few friends from Germany live nearby, allowing us to be encouraged and refreshed by their amazing family. Speaking of encouraged, God has really blessed us in this place. Last weekend we were able to spend time at the Navigator’s Air Force conference. It really made us look at our current activities and evaluate if they were really achieving our hearts’ desire. “What is that?” you ask . Well, we want to be laborers for God’s kingdom. So, in the coming weeks and months we will be asking God for clarity as to where and how we are to serve Him. We covet your prayers in this matter.
Well that is enough for now. Be assured that we will write more soon!

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