Sunday, June 04, 2006

1-yr Anniversary

"We've only just begun" Here's the one year update. There's been a lot happening...many changes, all for the good. One year down...a lot more to go!

Well it's been one year since the big party in New Orleans. It was a joyous time with family and friends from both sides. Memories of the soft shell crab at Acme and second lining in the quarter will remain with us for a lifetime.

Bataan Lane
Since then we have moved to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam and will be here until June 2007. The weather is much like New Orleans...warm and humid. Will couldn't have asked for better golfing weather though! (it hasn't helped his score yet)

Halloween 2005
Many new relationships have been formed since arriving on island. Our time with the Bindschatels, Bashes, Veaseys and Greens has been wonderful/ Most of it was spent together during bible studies and family get-togethers. They have been great models of Christ-centered families to both Teresa and I.

The Etlers
Guam would not be the same to us without these guys to the right: Nikki, Jonah, Jeremy and Scott. Scott was Will's supervisor in Germany for 3 years and was a good friend to him there. In Guam they have been our closest neighbors (the kind where you can just walk right in their back door) and incredible friends.

Caleb is due to come into the world on the
17th of July. The 2nd ultrasound at 18 weeks showed Teresa that he's gonna be a jokester, not anything like his Dad. Lately he hasn't been too funny, though. He gets his laughs by sticking his heel (maybe a knee) under Teresa's ribs. Frequent trips to the bathroom, weird food cravings and dilslikes have summed up the last months for T. Will has adjusted to waking up in the middle of the night as well :) Baby boy is right around 5 lbs. at the time and is expected to be 7 lbs. (give or take some) at birth.


Will got to spend the first months of the year in Iraq. While it wasn't what we would have chosen, it was a chance for us to trust God with our best. "Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you." -Ps. 9:10 Looking back, we wouldn't have changed a thing. Teresa was able to spend time with her brother and sister as well as some friends from high school. She later stayed with her parents in Valdosta and even visited Will's family in New Orleans. Will loved the short stay in Iraq. The people, the work, the spritual growth and the free food! He spent his golden birthday in Sandland with those he'd only known for a couple of months--it was the best one ever and a great setup by his supervisor, Sergeant Murrell (the guy on the right). Shown above right are Matt, Jason S., Brian, Jason P., Will and Rick. They met weekly to discuss leadership issues regarding Common Ground (weekly bible study) and also to encourage one another.

Back Home

It was a wonderful reunion for us. Teresa didn't look the same from when Will had departed for Iraq...she had put on a little weight ;) It was a great time in Houston. We stayed with our cousins, The Pinedas, and were able to spend time with family we hadn't seen since the wedding and some since Will was in grade school! Erica and Alan were also able to come down and visit for a couple of days, even better we got to meet Big Al's fiance', Tracy, and get to know her a little bit.


Erica said...

Happy 1 Year!!! I'm so happy for the both of you...
I know it's been an odd 1st year of marriage, but ya'll made it!

Love you both and love the new website!

4onthego said...


dear terresa and will!!! I love the webside, ceep it up.

love the Etlers

Vernon said...

Will and Teresa,
Great stuff! You are in our thoughts and prayers as the day for parenting comes closer and closer. WE are proud of you guys, and are praying for a great second year of marriage.
your brother,

philpartin said...

Hey, guys.
Love your website- did realize the Willster was back in USA- glad to have you back safe and sound, son!

JenMire said...

Again, Congratulations to you both on the new baby. I am so happy fro yall! Billy, please tell your brother congrats on the engagement. I miss yall. I love that I can keep track of your exciting news on the website. I tried calling and I guess yall got a new number. If you get a chance give me a call 504-231-0793.
Love always, Jen Mire

DONNA said...

It has been quite a year. Some good, and some not so good. I am thankful for all the good......especially friends and family. I am glad you are home safely, and that you're both doing well. Have a wonderful 2nd year.I'm looking forward to visiting your's lovely.TAKE CARE, LOVE, AUNT DONNA

Tarja said...

Dear Teresa and William, Happy Anniversary! This is a nice site, thank you for sending the link! All the best to you three! Love, Tarja

Becky Briley said...

Teresa (and Will and Caleb)--
This is so awesome! Thank you for putting it together so we can see what you've been up to and can stay in touch! We are all so happy for you and continue to pray for God's blessings on you and especially Caleb's birth! (It's weird seeing Teresa with a "belly" though!) Love you! Becky Briley (and BHS Cheerleaders)

Becky Briley said...

Hey Teresa! It's great to see you (though strange with a "belly") and to see all you've been up to! Thanks for posting this so we can keep up! Please stay in touch and know we are praying for God's continued blessings on you all--especially at Caleb's birthday! Love, Becky & BHS cheerleaders!

peridizzle said...

Wow, look at all that can happen in someone's life in just a few years! It seems like just yesterday you were kickin my butt in raquetball. I'm so happy for you, billy! And you're gonna have a baby! Congratulations to you both - I'll be praying for all three of you this summer. Good luck and God bless! Laura P.

Carlos & Mary Sue said...
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Carlos & Mary Sue said...

Hey bro and was great having all of you, next time we will see 3 of you huh?
Que Dios los aplaste en bendiciones!!!

Mical and Stacey said...

Hi Will and Teresa!
We are thrilled for the arrival of Caleb! Welcome home Will! You look stunning Teresa- pregnancy really looks good on you. We miss you and love you guys and value the memories made in Guam playing cards and at mini church. Looking forward to hearing the good news soon.
Stacey ( and Mical in spirit as he is still on cruise )

Em said...

Hi Teresa and Will! I love the blog. Anytime I am missing you, which is often, I just look at the pics and feel at least a tiny bit better about you being so far away!

Walter Hobgood said...

I like the web site.

Keep the pictures up to date.

Quart's World said...

ohhh... this is so great for me to hear all about what is going on wiht you both. Congrats and I'm very excited about your addition to the family! Awesome! I can't wait to see upcoming pics.

I'm heading to New Zealand soon.

Quart's World said...

This is so awesome to hear how you are doing. Huge Congrats and Blessings on you 1-yr and your addition to your family. That is so exciting. I'm on the go too. I just came back from Canada, am in Norther Cal., heaading down to LA, and then to Sydney and then to New Zealand. Should be a blast. Love to hear from you!


Luba Kuhel said...

William and Terresa,
Congratuations on the birth of Caleb. May the Lord continue to bless you and all who love you.


Luba Kuhel (Donna's old neighbor from New Orleans)

Cory and Jeff said...

Hey we still in the way...congratulations