Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well we're almost there. Teresa is due 17 July which puts her at 4 weeks out. (She's ready for this boy to be born tomorrow though!) We attended a breastfeeding class last week and will go to a birthing class tomorrow. The room is painted, crib is put together, baby clothes washed and the diapers are ready to be applied to baby bottom....all we need now is a baby. Will predicts that he'll be a soccer star of some sort with all the kicking he does in Mama's belly. Lately we wonder who's skin type he have, what the features of his nose, eyes, ears will be, etc. Well more to come after the birth


Walter Hobgood said...

Enjoyed my talk on fathers day. Great to see some recent pictures.

DONNA said...

Hi William and Teresa, it was very nice talking to you yesterday......I love the color of Caleb's walls.......Teresa, you look beautiful......take care, love, Aunt Donna

Jim the old guy said...

This is old man Jobe,
Gonna be a handsome slick talking young man who will break many hearts. But he will learn to love the Lord and to walk in His way cause Mom and Dad will raise him that way. Can't wait to meet him.

Mical and Stacey said...

Hi guys! Love the baby crib/room theme. I also love seeing the ocean waters behind Teresa (who by the way looks fab!). Just mountain scenery around here. God bless you and the mighty soccer player.
We love and miss you guys! Stacey, Mical, Morgan and Jacob

jamie said...

Your web page is great. Keep updating pics!! We love you both and are so proud of you. Can't wait to see little Mr. Caleb, I already know he will be a gorgeous baby!!!!!!!!! Parenting is work with nothing less than rewards!!! It is the most important job you two will ever have, take in every moment!!! And if Caleb keeps ya up at night... call us, we'll stay awake with you. Love you both!!!

Jamie & Jeff aka "Big Pappa"