Thursday, July 27, 2006


Things are going well so far. Caleb is almost a week old and while lacking in sleep, we are enjoying the perks of being new parents. We love to watch the little one rest and look up at us while he feeds, I get a kick out of him grabbing onto my finger and his facial expressions keep me always attentive to his little face. Teresa is also doing fine though still experiencing the fatigue and some pains from the birth. I'm very proud of her persistence through it all, she's one heck of a trooper! We visited a lactation consultant yesterday and she was very kind and helpful. I find myself asking a lot of questions that begin with, "Is it ok if..., Am I hurting him when I..., Is this right?", etc, etc. Grandpa Butch arrives this evening and will get to see his first granchild. We're all looking forward to family coming to visit! Until next time, adios.


AlandTrace said...

He's so cute. I can't wait til Tracy and I can go see him. Tell Caleb he will soon have a cousin to play with. Love you both. Al

Veillon said...

Congratulations! He is so handsome. I am so proud of you. I know you two will make great parents!!
Brandy, James and Anthony

Erica said...

He's the new love of my life...sorry hank
I wish I could come visit soon!
Love you all!

Jim the old guy said...

Hey Mom and Dad,
You did great and he will be as handsome as his dad and as gentle as him mom.
Wish I could find some TDY to Guam to visit.
Love ya all three.
Jim and Lucinda Jobe

Mary said...

Hi Will and Teresa,
He's just beautiful and I can't wait to see him. Enjoy him as much as possible - they grow and change so fast.
Love Aunt Mary

Bish said...

Congratulations kids. A fine looking speciment the two of you have produced. Best of luck and I hope to bump into you again someday.