Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1 August 2006

Just wanted to show you all some more pictures of the little one. He's doing well eating, sleeping and pooping so far. Grandmaw and Grandpaw have been a tremendous help cooking, cleaning and helping feed, change and watch Caleb. We'll miss having them. Walter and Will have played golf a couple times together this week and tonight we all went to have some yummy food at Roy's down at the Hilton. The ribs, salmon and soft shell crab rolls were awesome!!!


Jamie & Jeff said...

Caleb is a beautiful little boy!!! Perfect!!! Remember to take in EVERY moment because it goes by so fast. Jeff and I can remember feeling the way we felt the day we took Jeffrey home and it now seems like so long ago. Babies and kiddies are great...it reminds us of how the world should be and to stop and see life through there eyes as they grow and learn is purity at it's best, there is nothing better. We love ya'll and he is so perfect.
Jamie, Jeff and Jeffrey Jr.

Cindy Wynn said...


Just wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful mom and I love the pictures... ALWAYS put more on the blog!

Blessings, cindy wynn (walsh)