Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm 1 month old today!

Well the little one is one month old today. He was weighed yesterday and the scale showed 11 lbs 4 oz. We're thankful that he's healthy and growing. Mama T is also doing well...she's already lost 25 lbs of the 35 gained from pregnancy and lookin good! Caleb's thrush is getting better and so is the gas leak. He loves falling asleep on Mom and Dad's chests and we like it too, but don't want to spoil him. He also really enjoyes the sun. When changing his diaper, he gazes out of the window and, I assume, wishes he were out there instead of on a changing mat...but that would mean he couldn't pee on Dad, so who would give that up? More good news is that we've been eating like royalty lately: Our Bible study small group put together a schedule to bring us meals every other day from the time Teresa's parents departed. We've had all kinds of great 3-course meals thanks to God's provision through our wonderful friends. So that's about it. Calebio and I are looking forward to the NFL season games to begin and the Saints winning the Super Bowl

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Keep the pictures coming! -- Grandpa Hobgood