Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Just wanted to say hi to all and let you know what's been going on.
Mom has been getting some good exercise walking on the treadmill and going to yoga class.
Dad is busy with work, but enjoying his new walking cart out on the golf course.
We're still waiting for our new assignment and can't wait to let you all know so you can plan a visit! Caleb is doing well, sleeping more from 0130-0530(ish), so mom and dad are getting a little more sleep.
We got to attend the AF Ball last week and celebrated our service's birthday with some yummy food and a lot of toasts!


Mical and Stacey said...

Hey guys-- we SO miss our personal fellowship with you all. Your big boy Caleb looks fantastic. Cannot wait to meet him in person. T-- you look great! Will-- Nice snake print shorts dude! Sorry to have missed a great chance to talk-- Mo had some staples put in her head when you called :-) Never a dull moment with kids-- get use to it my friend. Keep us posted on where you settle next so we can plan a trip your way.
Love you guys-- Mical, Stacey, Morgan and Jacob AKA The Bindschatels

Jessica said...

Hello William and family,

Congratulations on everything, I wish you all nothing but success.

Jessica Marasco