Thursday, September 07, 2006

whas hattenin?!

Hi there everyone,
here's what's been going on lately: little Caleb is getting pretty good at holding his head up on his own, Will cooked some of his Mom's lasagna yesterday and it was a smash hit, Teresa is back in yoga class twice a week and life just keeps on going! Today was relaxing for the most part, Teresa and I both received full-body massages from an old friend in Germany. She says that it was better than my foot massage, but I don't believe her. We're very much looking forward to the upcoming week. We'll be hosting a dinner party with some New Orleans favorites and our next assignment will be posted...and thankfully Teresa will stop asking me every day if it's out by then. So we'll keep you posted on that. Here are a few of the latest pictures from around the house. (By the way, I told him that the "turban" joke wasn't funny, but he didn't listen....?!)

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stephlollis said...

Aww..How cute. Its been so long it looks like I missed out on alot. Well I just want to say congrats.