Saturday, May 02, 2009

An average day in the Sage household

There are a few things you can count on seeing everyday at the Sage household. One of them is Caleb's golf swing. His golf clubs are perhaps his favorite toy in the house, and he puts them to good use daily. He can hit anything from plastic golf balls, blocks, to footballs, and legos. Now when I say he can hit... I mean he can really hit! Watch out if you are in the line of fire! While the pics below do not show his best form, they were the best we have been able to capture on film.

I know, I know, Dunkin Donuts?!? Perhaps not the best food to feed a growing toddler. Every once and awhile William will come home from a night shift with a dozen donuts. Caleb lovingly calls them "Dunkies", and he will not be thwarted in his plan to eat as many as possible.

One of Will's (and Caleb's) favorite activities is to camp out together on the living room floor. It is still too cold here to head outside, so they set up the sleeping bags, and sometimes a tent, and sleep together in front of the fireplace. It is too cute for words!

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