Saturday, May 02, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

We took Caleb to his first real baseball game this past week. Colorado Springs hosts the Sky Sox, whom are the minor league team for the Colorado Rockies. They offer $2 Tuesdays, making it a cheap family night. At first Caleb was a wee-bit upset. We had told him all day that we were going to the baseball game. In his head this meant he was going to play baseball! So when we sat down and didn't move any closer to the field, he threw a little fit! Eventually he got the idea, and was fairly happy to watch. At one point, a player tossed him a baseball. Caleb didn't understand this, as he tossed it back to the player... he REALLY wanted to play baseball. Thank goodness, another player saw fit to toss Caleb another ball, and we came home with a great souvenir!

Here is one when we first got to the game... notice the look of deep concern on his face (and the large bruise on his forehead from a fall in a parking lot earlier that day).

Almost a year ago, we took Caleb to a friend's little league baseball game. Caleb had no idea what baseball was at that point, so we spent most of our time chasing him around the grass. But, I thought these pics were so great! You can really see just how much he has grown over the past year. He no longer looks like a toddler, but like a little boy! Enjoy!

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