Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My dad's ordination

Okay, blogger has decided to upgrade to a new interface that actually works.  So even though I proclaimed that I was moving to wordpress, I am giving this one last shot over here!

This past weekend we headed down to Georgia for my dad's ordination.  Many of you that are reading are not familiar with the Episcopal church, so some of the pics might look a little odd.  I am very proud of my dad and all his hard work!
In front of the Bishop

During the Prayers of the People the priest-to-be lays down before the alter

Once they have proclaimed him ordained, us kids got the chance to put on his priestly robes.  This is my sister getting ready to put on the first part.

My brother and I are putting on the chasuble.

My mom and Dad
Celebrating communion with the bishop
The next morning my dad celebrated his first service as a priest.

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